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By | July 29, 2011
I would really like to hear from all the Killey’s out there! If you wish, please add a comment or two to this page so all us Killey’s can keep up to date as to where we are in the world and to find out a little bit about the surname Killey and our ancestry.
If you have any further information which you think may be helpful to add to this Killey website, please contact me.

Here is a link to the old Genealogy Log which had to be disabled due to spammers (Feb 2017).

34 thoughts on “Add your name or a Killey Genealogy comment here.

  1. Richard Killey

    Richard Killey from Canada. My grandfather, William Reece Killey, was born in Douglas, and came to Canada in the early 1900’s, sometime before 1925. My dad (Peter Bremner Killey) was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have a certificate that I found in the family Bible stating that my great grandfather (William Killey) paid for space in section C104 in the Douglas Borough Cemetery. Cannot be sure of the date. It looks like August 31, 1907, but could be 1901.

  2. George Killey Stanmore

    We are the Killey family from Salisbury Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
    I am George Stanmore, an aircraft maintenance engineer, and went through the Mugabe war era. We have 2 children, son Kevin and daughter Michelle
    My grand parents, from Isle of Man, emigrated to South Africa, Cape Town.
    My Father was George Stanmore Killey, emigrated to Rhodesia in 1953, where I grew up, worked for Central African Airways, and later had my own business, Matair, Bulawayo Airport.
    We left Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, for South Africa, and later to Australia , where we now reside , near Melbourne, Victoria.

  3. Michael J Killey

    Yes finally found a website to my last name heritage. I’m Michael J Killey in Bay City, Mi. Would love to meet up with any other Killey’s out there!

  4. Ian Fingland

    I am Ian Fingland of Perth Western Australia.
    My late grandmother was Ida Florence Killey (1902 – 2002).
    My 2nd Great Grandfather William James Killey (1832-1906) married (1865) his first cousin Margaret Killey (1838-1906). They emigrated to Australia.
    Ida had recorded the family history going back to my 6th Great Grandfather Phillip Killey (1691-1763).
    If anyone is interested on my lineage, please contact me or if you can extend on the Killey side of this.

    1. norman killey

      Hello Ian,
      I am Norman Killey who wrote over many years to Margaret Fingland. She was kind enough to send me locks of our mutual ancestors’ hair, William Killey died 1860 and Isabella Crellin who died a few years later in Rochdale Lancashire. I thought I had lost contact when Margaret died. She visited me on a trip to the Island.
      I have had a Y-DNA test and am not typically Killey. There are families of male killeys around Sydney with whom I am related directly from the Phillip you mention 1691 to 1763. By documentary evidence I take the family back to Hugh Killey in 1658 when his son Donald was born

    2. norman killey

      Hi Ian,
      My second attempt.
      Yes, I can take our family back two more generations from Philip circa1691 to 1763. His father was Donald (or Dan
      !658 to 1715 married to Mary Loony, and he was the son of Hugh who died when Donald was quite young. Hugh was married to Catherine ? and Donald had an elder brother, William and an elder sister Catherine. Donald cared for the sons of his brother William when William died. I may be able to take the tree back another generation to the owner of a house in Castletown in which Hugh was born. I hope you see this
      Norman Killey

  5. Matthew Killey

    Im a Killey living in Victoria, Australia. Good to know there are plenty of Killeys in the world. Will have to visit Isle of Mann one day!

    1. norman killey

      Hi Matthew,
      I live in the UK but my son, Nicholas Killey also lives in Victoria
      Norman Killey

  6. Daniel Cross

    I am the lineal descendant of Kinchen W Killey (b 1759 – d 1840), believed to have been born in Devonshire, England, but who lived and died in the US state of Tennessee. I believe his parents may have been Jonathon Henry Killey (b 1730 – d ?) and Margaret Elizabeth Matherly (b 1739 – d 1801), believed to have been born in Edinburgh, Scottland. They may have been married at Ulster Chapel, Noel Ulster, Ireland. I was born in the state of Texas, in the USA, and currently live in the state of Arkansas, where many Killey descendants are buried and others still live. Any family data anyone may have on my above mentioned lineal ancestral line , please contact me at

  7. Marg (Brown) Hunter

    My great aunt Elizabeth Brown married a Robert Killey on Mar 17, 1909 in Lazayre, Isle of Man. They were the gatekeepers at the crossing in Little West Berk, as was her parents Samuel Brown & Sarah Kirby, my great grandparents. Robert and Elizabeth’ daughter Ada became the gatekeeper, then her sister Betty’s family took over. I would like to know more of the Killey family’s decendant information to add to the family tree.

    Thank you

  8. Norman Killey

    I think I must be the Killey mentioned by Seana Fenner back in May, Norman, not John. I was married to a German
    Lady and live near Liverpool and do have a son, Robert

  9. Sandra Barrie

    Hi Peter
    I contacted you some time back regarding the Killey brothers who were fishermen on the Isle Of Man.
    Our family are descendants of them from the 17th century.
    My sister did the Geneology and I would be most interested it finding out if there are relatives out there from the same brothers.
    You sent me an email saying you had found a tombstone with one of them, and would look into it.
    Would appreciate any further information in regard to this.

    Kind regards
    Sandra Barrie (née Killey)

  10. Ted Crowley

    I just left inaccurate information
    The Killey brothers parents were not Michael & Margaret Murphy. These are the names of grandparents.
    The parents were Timothy Murphy and Ellen Ryan (maiden name). We assume now that Ellen Ryan may have been married to a Killey before she married Timothy Murphy. She was somewhat older then Timothy.
    Ellen Ryan B:1806 to 1810 range of years of birth.
    She brought Patrick & Michael Killey along with her new younger husband and at least two additional sons from this union to Iowa USA

  11. Ted Crowley

    I just found out some of my Murphy relatives from Castleconnell Limerick area might actually be sons from a previous marriage, and their last name was Killey. Michael Killey B:1835 & Patrick Killey B: 1834
    Their mother’s name was Margaret, but we do not have her maiden name. She married a Michael Murphy and they lived around O’Briensbridge and some of their grandchildren were baptisted at St Joseph’s Church in Castleconnell. The Killey brothers immigrated with Timothy & Margaret Murphy to Iowa, USA in about 1848 to 1852. Timothy & Margaret Murphy had other children born in the area they callled Castle Hills. Those other children are Timothy & John R Murphy born about 1843 & 1845 respectively.

  12. Seana Fenner


    I’m actually Manx too, and I take after the Manx people in my family,
    the Collisters, or Callisters. I am trying to get in touch with a
    Killey who lived in the North of England, perhaps somewhere near
    Liverpool, and who was interested in geneology but I don’t remember
    his first name! I think it may have been John possibly but I just do
    not remember. Know he was married to a German lady and had two sons,
    one named Robert. If you have any idea of how I could get in touch
    with him it would be much appreciated! Best regards, Seana

    1. norman killey

      I guess I must be the person you were thinking about. My name is Norman Killey, I have a son, Robert and another son Nicholas and I was married to a German lady twenty years ago. I was born in Liverpool and live not too far away now.
      I have just spent a week on the island and found a few legal documents from the 1600s which adds a few pieces to the jigsaw, but is hard work. Don’t look at this site too often – hence the delay
      Cheers Norman

      1. norman killey

        Seana Fenner
        I guess I must be the person you were thinking about. My name is Norman Killey, I have a son, Robert and another son Nicholas and I was married to a German lady twenty years ago. I was born in Liverpool and live not too far away now.
        I have just spent a week on the island and found a few legal documents from the 1600s which adds a few pieces to the jigsaw, but is hard work. Don’t look at this site too often – hence the delay
        Cheers Norman

  13. Richard KILLEY

    I am Richard Mathias KILLEY. I am the youngest of 5 children.
    My Father is Mathias Henry KILLEY. (1933 Douglas I think).
    He came to Yorkshire as a young man and worked as a miner before serving 23 years in the Army.
    My Mother was Rita. and Sisters and brothers are
    Susan Now HAMMONDS living in Spain.
    Rita Now Davis Living in Yorkshire.
    Peter Charles KILLEY now living in Australia. Named after our Grandfather from Douglas.
    AND Michael George KILLEY living in Yorkshire.
    My father was raised with Cousins called EDGE. Uncle Ernie was very much a Brother to Matt.

  14. Sandra Barrie

    I am a Killey living in Northland NZ, daughter of the late Harold Frederick Killey.
    There were no sons born to his family of brothers, so that brought the Killey name to a halt.
    Would love to hear from descendents as I will be visiting England and the Isle Of Man in the very near future.

  15. Corde Killey

    I am Corde Killey grandson of Wilma Killey and son of William Killey…I have a brother Darin Killey and a nephew Wyatt Killey…he was the last and is still the last to carry on the name. Grand mother is now deceased…we all reside in the United States….all in Indianapolis Indiana….

  16. Rebecca Killey

    Hi everyone! I am just starting to compose my family tree and came across this whilst searching the origins of the Killey surname! I hope I can help in someway and visa versa!

  17. Nathan Killey

    Hello all, I came across this site while researching origins of the Killey name. Very interesting information. Thanks!

  18. Sharon Killey

    Hi Peter. Do you remember when we first exchanged emails in 2007 – my asking if you and I were related? So proud to see I was the third to sign on to your marvellous website. I want to thank you for establishing this. It has resulted in my being contacted by two people, one I now consider a friend and hope to meet one day and the other a cousin I would never have known about. Through this I have discovered things about my Father amd his family that would have been lost forever. This has been a gift.

  19. Kristie

    Mary Ann Killey~ Birth May 1857 in Ireland death August 6th, 1913 Bakersfield, Vermont she was 56 years old. This was my grandmothers(Esther MaryAnn Mayo Arter) grandmother. Mary Ann’s father was Patrick Kiley spelling is different on certificates he also is from Ireland not sure of exact location.

  20. vicki mixon papa

    I’m related to Jane Killey Cowley. She was my great great grandmother.

  21. Kristin Anderson

    Looking forward to finding out more about the Killey family from Jurby. I have a lot of information about the Cowley’s who left the Isle of Man and came to the US in the mid-19th century.

  22. Kristin Anderson

    My 2nd great grandmother was Jane Killey:
    Apr. 5, 1811
    Feb. 25, 1899
    Family links: 
      Hugh Cowley (1815 – 1883)* 
    *Calculated relationship
    Born of the Isle Of Mann
    Rose Hill Cemetery
    Brown County
    Kansas, USA
    Plot: Sec. 2-A Row 13
    Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?]
    Maintained by: Vicki Lynn Mixon-Papa
    Originally Created by: Vernon Gibbons
    Record added: Sep 17, 2008
    Find A Grave Memorial# 29854248

  23. Christine Killey

    I am a Killey from Brisbane, father, Douglas Killey. How Manx is that. First saw the flag as a kid and have never forgotten it.

  24. Kristina

    Seems these posts are a bit older but my fathers name is richard Killey and his dad is Peter Killey who I believe was born on the Isle of Man. We all live in Ontario Canada now. Although my grandfather passed away last year.

  25. Danielle Smith

    My mother’s maiden name is Killey, Coming from William Killey, to Joseph Omer Killey. Would love to swap information or add to yours. My mother was born in Bay City Michigan United States. my e mail address is please just put Killey family history in the subject box and i will get back with you as soon as I can.

  26. Alasdair Caveney

    My Grandmother’s maiden name was Killey. She was born in New South Wales, Australia in 1918. She frequently spoke of the her father being Manx.

  27. Sandra Blakebrough

    My grandmother was a Killey. Her grandfather and grandmother come to UK from Ireland 1830; Michael and Bridget. So think they must have Irish not Isle of Man origins


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