Killey Surname of Purely Native Origin

Thanks to “As Manx As The Hills” on FB for this information.

Peter Killey

  1. William {Bill] KIlley

    Hi IM William John Faragher Killey
    Born in Hawick Scottish Borders Scotland, Still live in Hawick, married to Elaine Irvine Scott on the 25 March 1967.Wee have two children William Scott born 23 September 1969 Killey and Sandra Jane Killey born 9 November 1971. Sandra has a girl Lee Jane McGeachy born 22 January 2009;Scott has also has a girl Sasha born 22 April 2012;

  2. Hi I’m Belinda killey is now live in New Zealand and on holiday in Ireland at the moment . I will be coming to the Isle of Man sometime next week .is there any chance to catch up with you to find out any more information about the killey name thanks Belinda

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