1. Dear Peter
    My fathers name was Sydney Killey and from his wedding certificate I learn his father’s name was John. John Killey must have left the IOM some time in the mid 18 hundreds and moved to Liverpool. On my father’s wedding cert. he is entered as a warehouseman. When I asked, a very long time ago!, my father said he thought he had lived in or near Peel, but I think that was just a guess.
    That’s about all I can tell you but recently did look up some history of the island on Google.
    I spent three happy Easters in Port Erin when I was a student. The University had a trawler there at the marine study centre.
    It was called The William Herdman. I imagine long since gone to Davy Jones! This was along time ago! Sort of 1950 !,
    It was interesting to see your note/blog. I’m not up in computer skills, so have to make do with plain email.
    Best wishes,
    Aileen T.

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